Training Department

The National Film Institute places great emphasis on the development of the Hungarian film industry and film culture, and the training of future film professionals.

In order to increase the competitiveness of the Hungarian film production, the Film Industry Training Program was launched in 2016. Its primary aim was to eliminate skills shortages experienced mainly in areas of production and to create the sustainable future of local film professionals.

Subsequently, as a further development of the Film Industry Training Program the Department of Training and Innovation was formed in the autumn of 2017 with a specific mission.

Key areas for future development:

  • short-term, targeted skills trainings in the shortage areas
  • creative lectures, workshops and master classes for young, entry-level professionals
  • audience education and development
  • career orientation for youth
  • research and development


Contact details

Training and Innovation Director: Eszter Lányi, 

Training Support Manager: Tímea Gyulavári, , +36 30 451 3509

Project Manager (FFP | Incubator Program | YAA): Enikő Sedon, , +36 20 328 7506



Film Industry Training Program

The Film Industry Training Program was launched by the Hungarian National Film Fund in 2016 to enhance the competitiveness of domestic film production. The primary objective of the program is to ensure the supply of film professionals, which is urgently needed due to skills shortages in the domestic film industry. In the long run, the program can contribute to enhance the economic and cultural potential of the film industry.

Fast Forward Program

The mission of the Fast Forward Program is to educate mainly the entry-level, young professionals with lectures and short workshops that are missing from the local professional educational/training map, and to provide entry opportunities and career orientation for those interested in working in the film industry. The Fast Forward Program started in 2017 and for more info join the Fast Forward Program Group on Facebook or request its newsletter by sending an e-mail to


Film Industry Training Support

Training courses and calls for applications

In 2016, the Hungarian National Film Fund announced a call for applications to support film industry training courses. The training courses supported in the first two rounds of application have already been completed. In 2019 the 4th call was announced in the following areas: assistant director, unit production manager, DIT specialist, CGI specialist, camera assistant and set dresser.

Professional trainings have been supported by the Hungarian National Film Fund in the following areas making it possible for dozens of people to enter the film industry: VFX specialist, post-production coordinator, production coordinator and production accountant, assistant editor, production manager, unit production manager, assistant director, storyboard artist, assistant cinematographer, DIT technician, journalist, production assistant, CGI drawer etc.

Film Internship Program /

The website has a dual purpose: on the one hand, it helps producers to find interns suitable to work on a current production of theirs, and on the other, it offers a way for film school and training graduates to enter the profession. The internship time is transparent and can be tracked online. By the summer of 2018, there were more than 400 active interns registered in the film trainee system and many have already completed their internship.


The CINARTS Program is an international collaboration of five European national film archives (France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Hungary). The main aim of the Program is to establish an educational website that can be used as a tool for Visual Art education both for teachers and students from 6-18. The website’s main content is based on European films, and focuses on the deeper connections between film and visual arts. The project is a collaboration between the Department of Training and Innovation and the Hungarian National Film Archive.