Valan (Valan)

(2019, feature, color, 97 minutes, DolbyDigital)

Péter investigates a sex-trafficking ring as a big city cop in Brasov. He has dedicated his life to finding women who have disappeared, and he sees his sister Juli in every girl he saves. Juli disappeared twenty-two years ago in their hometown, Valan, in the ensuing chaos of the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

Péter has to return to the Transylvanian mining town after receiving a phone call that the body of his sister might have been found among the pines on a snow-capped mountain. His personal investigation in Valan not only forces him to confront a crime rate that is stifling the town, but it also takes him back to the labyrinth of the past where he must face his own demons.

Director of photography
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Porto FANTASPORTO - 2020

Best Director Béla Bagota

Best Screenplay Béla Bagota

Hungarian Film Awards - 2020

Best Cinematography Dániel Garas

Parma Music Film Festival - 2020

Best Screenplay

National premiere: