Budapest Heist (Pesti balhé)

(2020, feature, color)

Marcell, the rich, successful but unhappy architect is about to have the worst evening of his life. As if spending his 40th birthday at a dull corporate dinner wasn’t bad enough, his loser child-hood friends, that he so successfully avoided in the last 20 years, also show up to celebrate.However the gang: Vinsz, the talentless artist, Alexa, the carefree dreamer, Guszti, the overly anxious vet, Jet, the good-for-nothing pest and Adrian, the small-time actor, are not mad at him anymore and ready to rekindle their friendship.Suddenly the evening takes a dark and tragic turn that forces Marcell to decide: let his friends down yet again, or stand up for them and help to pull off the craziest stunt of their lives - sneaking a painting into the finest art auction in Budapest.