Blossom Valley (Virágvölgy)

(2018, feature, color, 83 minutes)
First feature

Blossom Valley is a socio-realist lovers-on-the-run movie. The actors are amateurs with whom these events didn’t happen, but they could have happened.

Bianka (20) finds herself drifting in the suburbs without any particular purpose. She has the sudden urge to steal a baby, which she does, but now she has to find a father and a home. When none of her ex-boyfriends are willing to lend a hand, the only one happy to help is Laci (21) who is mentally disabled and living in a workers’ hostel.

Bianka sees this whole situation as little less than a thrilling role play, but Laci starts to love her and the baby, and will do whatever it takes to ensure a happy family life – and that is a challenge.

Director of photography
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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - East of the West - 2018

Special Jury Prize

Palic International Film Festival - 2018

Best Film - Critics Jury Prize

Bratislava International Film Festival - 2018

Student Jury Award

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World premiere: