As Far as I Know (Legjobb tudomásom szerint)

(2020, feature, color, 117 minutes)

As Far As I Know is a feature of a husband losing faith in his marriage after an assault. Dénes thinks of himself as liberal and broadminded until he confronts his own hidden limits. Dénes and Nóra have been trying to adopt a child for some years. The film starts with the news that they are about to receive a baby in a matter of weeks. They celebrate with their friends, but have an argument and separate on their way home. The day after, Nóra tells Dénes that after she got off the last bus, she has been raped by a stranger. Lack of evidence, injury or witnesses make it difficult for the police to take action. Then when Nóra’s description is used to find the alleged perpetrator, a high-school teacher, his and Nóra’s testimonies stand against each other, equally credible and totally opposing. The police cannot prove sexual assault has taken place, so they close the case. Dénes starts to lose all his faith in Nóra...

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